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Kimekai - a way of focusing energy

Kimekai Chow Chows - weaving a tapestry of success,one step at a time.
Conforming to the breed standard & their ancient heritage , healthy in body & mind, each with their unique individual spirit, the Kimekai Chow Chows enjoy an exceptional quality of life at home .
Easily identifiable by their ideal silhouettes & admired for  their sparkling characters, all this complimented with exceptional conditioning , the  Kimekai Chow Chows excel in all environments and situations.  
My chow chows enjoy a really diverse life style.



My Chow Chows - more about each one, information, photos, pedigrees, achievements

Puppies -   Kimekai  only  breeds when we want to keep a pup

Articles of interest -  section aimed at educating and informing, broadening one's knowledge

Kimekai in publications  - honoured to have featured on the cover of many publications and in articles

Books published   about the Chow Chow in Southern Africa - The History from 1895 to present day

Showtime Gallery - proudly showing off our achievements in the ring since 1998

 Travels with and for my chow chows            

The Chinese New Year Parade for the Year of the Dog